With summers and immunity in mind, Phulo Phalo brings to you your favourite traditional drink in a pack.

Sattu-Rose drink is the need of the hour for the refreshment and health benefits it brings along.

Sattu has many benefits from  fighting against body heat to being a great source of protein. It’s a great source of calorie during intermittent fastings & other diet programmes to keep you full for a long duration.

Adding the benefits and flavour of rose and cardamom to this healthy drink,Sattu-Rose drink from us is your go-to drink for the summers.


Add 1 tbsp to 1 glass of chilled water to enjoy as a healthy summer cooler or to a glass of milk to have your protein shake!

Sattu Rose Drink

  • Ingredients- Bhuna chana, sundried rose petals, cardamom (Elaichi) ,fennel seeds(Saunf), Rock sugar(dhaga mishri)

    Shelf Life- 6 months

    Net Weight-250g